Harder to Earn

Bitcoin is up to over $7,000 each now, so earning them is harder. Did you keep what you earned before?

Meanwhile, check this out: <a href=”http://79648j-i5dvknlq5ur82tlftoc.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=1&#8243; target=”_top”>Click Here!</a>




Virtual Pub Under New Management

Virtual Pub has gotten a lot better now that the site has been sold to a more reasonable manager.

In this site, you run a pub, selling beer and then earning your way up to selling whiskey, wine, and then cigars. After a while, you earn your way to expand your storage, buy a second table, and then start making pizzas.

Click here to join: http://virtualpub.io/VirtualPub/index.php?ref=17eFcZc7WGqHoGzPGi2itExaF1Uc6Lrq2q

The trick to this game is to use all the Bitcoin earning tricks: selling beer, keeping your bartender active, clicking on the events, four-hour bonuses, and cash links. Also, make sure to click the daily bonus (the gift when it has an exclamation point), and make sure to click the ads. It’s a slow start to build up the business, but I have taken a payout.

The payouts are to your Faucethub account (or you’ll create one). It’ll take two payouts for me to get the Bitcoin over to my Bleutrade account.

Happy selling!

Sell Beer for Bitcoin

I’ve disappeared for some time because the Bitcoin clicking thing got a bit tiresome, but now I’m hooked on Virtual Pub.

It takes a while to gather enough credits to upgrade your bar, but remember to click all the boxes and use all the tricks — tips, ad clicks, events, and the task list. Enjoy!

Help! Aliens!

The Alien Faucet is one of those faucets that pay a little but let you try every five minutes. I don’t visit often, but I am accumulating.

Try their doge game (pays BTC) here: http://www.dailydoge.org/?ref=10154015117166473

There alien fighting faucet is here: http://www.bitcoinaliens.com/faucet?ref=10154015117166473

And they have some cute weight loss faucet here: http://www.gameofweightloss.com/daily-motivation?ref=10154015117166473

OMG! Chickens!

I’ve run into this new site, HenBTC, where my hen lays eggs over several minutes and then I collect them for satoshis. The payout is via Faucetbox, but they don’t make me wait to get a large minimum to collect.

The trick with this site is to collect one egg and sell it. I get 100 satoshis for each egg sold individually. If I wait for 30 eggs, I get only 2,000 satoshis for a loss of 1,000 satoshis. If I sell any other amount, I get about 50 satoshis per egg. So, play this game if you are stuck sitting still for a long time.

My hen will lay only 3 eggs at maximum, so I do have to stop in several times a day to collect.